Road Trip West: Days -1,1 and 2

Me and my Scion
09.02.12  *photo by Jeanne Freed

Me and the Scion ready to hit the road.  This is day -1 of my epic road trip west.  I finished work, hopped in the car and drove to Fargo.  I was anxious to get out of town.

World's Largest Buffalo

That's the World's Largest Buffalo.  He lives in Jamestown, ND.  You're jealous.  I can tell.  Today I ran 12 miles in Fargo - a great early morning run - and then drove to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  I stopped at several roadside attractions along the way.

Happy to be on the trail

Hiking the Lower Paddock Trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  A good hike.  I was glad to get on the trail after "car exploring" the park all morning.  A 7.2 mile hike, not too shabby.

Catching up is going to be a slow process, but stick with me.  16 more days of vacation photos to peruse.  Plus the three days since I got back.  I'll get caught up.

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